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1 PLC based Automatic Industrial Drainage Timer

2 PLC based multiple transformer fault detection and production system

3 PLC based automatic packing control machine

4 PLC based traffic density controller using sensor

5 PLC based Elevator Controller

6 PLC based mono rail system

7 PLC based Remote controlled Pick And Place Robot

8 PLC based water level Indicator and Controlling System with SMS Systems

9 PLC based wireless energy meter using GSM

10 PLC based Online Inspection Machine

11 PLC based Automatic Vehicle Accident information system

12 PLC based Automatic Vehicle Accident information system WITH SMS system

13 PLC based phase sequence indication and controlling system

14 PLC based irrigation controller for garden

15 PLC based boiler pressure monitoring and controlling system

16 PLC based Energy Saving System

17 PLC based Temperature Controller

18 PLC based Temperature Controller With SMS System

19 PLC based automatic industrial or school or college time management system

20 PLC based double axis crane

21 PLC based Gas leakage detection and auto dialing

22 PLC based Power Management System

23 PLC based automatic visitor guided vehicle

24 PLC based door open and closing system

25 PLC based Fire Fighting AGV

26 PLC based voice controlled Machines

27 PLC based hospital connecting system

28 PLC based Sensor Operated Path Finder Vehicle

29 PLC based automatic dam shutter open/close system

30 PLC based industrial timer controller for multiple machines

31 PLC based banking system

32 PLC based Unaided Guided Vehicle (UGV)

33 PLC based Automatic medicine announcement system

34 PLC based Material Trolley Controller

35 PLC based industrial or home security system

36 PLC based multi-channel temperature monitoring and controlling system

37 PLC based home appliances controlling system

38 PLC based Moving Message Display

39 PLC based Three axis welding robot

40 PLC based Industrial Monitoring system

41 PLC based Incubator

42 PLC based wireless energy transmitter with power cutoff system

43 PLC based fault detection in transmission line with SMS Support

44 Accelerometer (Hand Motion Based ) Robotic Car using PLC

45 RFID based visitor guide system using voice play back using PLC

46 RFID based toll collecting system using PLC

47 Speaking Thermometer using PLC

48 Smart ambulance system using RFID using PLC

49 Advance Airbag System with SMS system using PLC

50 Pollution measurement systems with Voice playback using PLC

51 Adaptive Light control for accident prevention using PLC

52 ATM security system with SMS support usingPLC

53 Soil moisture Measurement and control using SMS Support using PLC

54 Flight data recorder(black box) using PLC